Monday, June 29, 2009

An introduction to Bella.

A long time ago, I was married. I had a husband and a baby. I thought everything would be perfect. It was not perfect and not long after I had everything I had dreamed of, it was all gone. My husband was married to someone else. My children didn't live with me. I was alone.

I had a live in relationship which fell apart due to mutual craziness and past hurts. I moved in with my best friend. I had a pet snake (that I eventually gave away). I had pet mice. She had a cat named Tommy that I begged her to put down. (The poor thing was in bad shape at the time.) My best friend found love and married and I was again in flux. I went to live with some family and then it was time for me to be on my own.

I found a job that required me to move and allowed me just enough financial freedom to rent a place of my very own. I was so thrilled. It was just me against the world! All by myself for the very first time. The apartment was a one bedroom, one bathroom place with a huge kitchen and a decent sized living room. It had a porch and a big fenced in yard. I was set.

I visited my grandmother's farm a few weeks before I was set to move in. I was enjoying my sweet tea and eagerly awaiting the collards when I was told that their were kittens. I was encouraged jokingly to take one and I laughed and said no. Suddenly, the most adorable little piece of runty, calico, fur caught my eye. I picked her up and was in love. She attempted to nurse from me and after realizing I didn't have what she wanted, she simply passed out in the cradle of my arms. I have a picture of that very moment. I knew it would be important.

Bella Bear has been with me ever since. We've gone through a few boyfriends. Several nights she sat with me as I cried myself to sleep and licked away my tears. She sleeps with me every night that I'm home and worried about me every night that I'm not. I know if I have been gone too long because she simply stops bathing herself.

She has not been thrilled about the new additions, but she's grudgingly accepted them. Starting with Obi Wan. You'll get her story next.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Three cats and me.

I got three cats and no microphone.

I do, however, have a blog. I have several blogs actually, but this one is devoted to cats and other animals.

Yes, I do have a tiny bit too much free time.

I also have three cats. I will list them in order of receipt.


Obi Wan:

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Man:

Yes, these names have stories, but those stories are for another time.