Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Dr. Quinn Dilemma.

Dr. Quinn is a cat I picked up from the mean streets of Tampa, Florida. He was homeless, dirty, and giving his undying love to everyone that passed him on the street. I would estimate that he's about 1 year old.

I adore him. My children adore him, but I feel like I'm swimming in cats all the time. I never intended to keep him, but the children are begging me to. In addition, they would like me to get rid of Obi Wan and Bella. That, my friends, is not going to happen.

The way I see it, I have two options:

  1. Keep Dr. Quinn and hope that the other cats accept him fully and I that I can deal with the constant cat care.
  2. Find a home for Dr. Quinn where he will be loved, adored, and cared for by someone who can dedicate more of their time to him.

The thing about Dr. Quinn is that he is so precious. He's just a kind hearted kitty. He likes dogs and children. He faithfully uses the cat box. He loves to cuddle. He prefers to hide under the recliner or snuggle with Obi Wan.

If he was my first time kitty, I'd want to keep him, but I feel like he's being neglected because of the amount of time I spend away from home. Obi and Bella don't mind. They have each other and spend a lot of time playing and cleaning each other, but Dr. Quinn looks like he wishes he could be part of the "in" crowd.

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