Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dr. Quinn, Scaredy Cat

Since I've been home more often, I am here to snuggle the cats and see their behavior more. My husband often accuses me of not giving the cats enough attention due to my work schedule, and since I'm here more often I am trying to fix that.

My mother has been coming over about once a week to make sure I am alright and to attempt to put me into labor. (It's not working.) Bella and Obi Wan are fine with this. They may hide for a little while, but then they come out and ignore her. Quinn is not dealing with our visitor as well.

When my mother reaches the top step, Quinn bolts for the bathroom and hides behind the toilet. He will not come out until she leaves or until he is physically dragged out from behind the toilet. Mom has never done anything to Quinn to make him act that way, but I suspect it just may be that she is a stranger. Quinn apparently knows about stranger dangers.

I'm not sure why he has become so skittish. When my friend Bob and I found him living on the streets he was not afraid of anyone. He'd walk up to us without an issue. He'd drop to the ground and play with any passing dog. He was a very social cat. It just may be that we simply do not have very many visitors at all. My husband's friends and family are mostly from up North and I'm anti-social so I don't ever invite anyone here. Have I made my poor Quinn suffer from Social Anxiety?!

If you have any tips or advice about how to get him to feel more relaxed when guests arrive, I'd love to hear it.

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