Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I got home from seeing The Invention of Lying last night. My cats had eaten all of the food in their bowls. I, being a good cat parent, decided to feed them. I picked up the bag of cat food and found that the cats had chewed the bag. It wasn't open, but it was just strong enough to break AFTER I picked it up.

As you can see, the cats were thrilled by the new free form feeding method. I have never heard them purr so loudly. I was furious. I was so glad that I had a container to put the cat food in, but I was not thrilled to be picking up 15 pounds of cat food. The good news is that in order for this to happen again they would have to chew through about a half an inch of hard plastic. I suppose if they do that, they can just have the food.

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