Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Latchkey Cats

   My cats are driving me nuts. I realize that that is what cats do. This is there world, I just pay for it. Lately, I walk through the door and 3 cats are flying at me. "MOOOOMMMY!" You'd think I was gone for months at a time. This morning, I was leaving for work and suddenly Obi Wan and Dr. Quinn came running and tried to block the door. They were meowing loudly. I had to put my things down and snuggle them.

  I can do nothing in my house without cat interaction. I was trying to use the restroom and all three cats are at my feet. Bella likes sitting in my lap which doesn't work for obvious reasons while one is using the bathroom. Dr. Quinn and Obi Wan like to sit on both sides of the toilet and play tag or something.

   When I shower, Bella climbs in between the shower curtains and waits for me to finish. When I eat, a cat is either at my feet or attempting to get on the table. When I read in my recliner, I have one or two cats on my lap. When I am in the kitchen, the cats sit and eat their food and watch me. Did someone hire train these guys to be my bodyguards? What's the deal?

   I am not sure what to do, but I think I may need to spend more time at home or leave the TV on or something. I want them to be happy and content. Not neurotic and clingy.

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  1. Well, how many do you have? I have 8 and everything you said above is true. I always thought cats were independent until I had 8. I am the crazy cat lady and happy about it, but yes sometimes I would like them to entertain themselves and let me get work done. I can't walk around the house without tripping over one. Of course, I sacrifice myself and end up battered. LOL. We are just experiencing normal cat house syndrome I guess. Cats do really need their humans!!